How to Lose Weight Without Starving

Losing weight in a healthy way is importantStarving your body in the hopes of dropping a few extra pounds and budging the scale might sound like a great idea, but there is a catch! You fat stores are more likely to become stubborn if you decide to starve yourself.

The reason for this may traced back to our ancestors, who often did not know when they would eat another meal, as they lived a life without today’s drive-through conveniences. Due to this the human body evolved with time to hang on to the fat reserves and boost survival. It is all about self-preservation.

The bad thing is that this evolutionally “safety switch” is still in existence, meaning a different tactic for healthy weight-loss is in order. It is not that you are not going to lose weight when you decide to fast: you will. However, going for days without food is neither sustainable nor healthy.

The great news is that there is a superb solution/answer to this weight-loss conundrum – following strategies that trigger your metabolism and eating foods that leave you satisfied and full for longer. You can lose weight fast, safely, and effectively without consuming a single rice-cake or staging a coup on calories. Just follow this simple advice how to lose weight without starving:

Never Ever Skip Breakfast 

There’s a reason it is called breakfast. While you have been asleep, your body has been fasting without food for close to 7 or 8 hours. As such your fat burning metabolism has slugged to crawl and your energy reserves too are under fumes. Now it’s the best time to start-off your body into a fat burning mode.

Whole grain cereal 

Look for whole grain cereals and try as much as you can to avoid the hydrogenated ones. Aside from that, look for high fiber cereals that are ideal for breakfast. Try to also avoid things like bagels, donuts, muffins, Danish, white butter toasts and waffles. This is because such foods are only meant to soar your blood sugar levels, leaving you irritable, ravenous, and unfulfilled.

Healthy Smoothie RecipeFruit Smoothies 

Not only do fruit smoothies taste great, their creamy, thick texture fills up your stomach, leaving you satisfied. Stock up on frozen/fresh berries, peanuts, oats, some protein powder and butter. Throw your favorite fruits into a blender with low-fat milk, some ice cubes and viola!

Go for Low Glycemic Index (GI) foods 

High-GI foods are quickly and easily broken by the body and only offer a short burst of energy that doesn’t keep you going. On the other hand, low-GI foods take a longer time to breakdown and hence keep you feeling satisfied for longer. It would therefore be wise that you go for the low-GI foods instead of the high ones.

Trade in your white bread, rice-based crackers and pasta for low GI wheat/whole grains. Same thing goes with potatoes; choose sweet over white ones, but just don’t consume too much.

Eat more, exercise more, and lose more

A superb way to understand weight-loss is to think of the human body as a bank. In this case, your deposits are represented by the food (energy) that you consume, while the withdrawals are represented by exercises (energy expended). Weight loss starts as soon as you begin expending more calories than you consume, so the more you exercise, the more you lose.

Exercises for weight lossAs a bonus, the more you exercise the faster your metabolic rate becomes, meaning you will eat the foods you love regularly and guilt free. Your muscles are the natural fat burners for your body, so you should aim at using and engaging them as much as you can. To achieve this, you require engaging in large multi-muscle moves such as dips, squats, lunges and chest presses. Pump classes are also great and give the similar benefits with cardio boosts.

Jogging, swimming, skipping, cycling, aerobics are all superb good ways to burn fat and keep your heart racing. To save time and max your results, crank your intensity dial and reduce your total time of workout/exercise time. The result is that you will burn more calories both after and during your workout.

Don’t forget that you are always presented with hidden opportunities to burn a few calories every day. Choosing to take the stairs in place of the elevator or parking away from your workstation are all superb ways to keep you moving and significantly contribute towards weight lose.